1078 Newtons Rd, Rolleston, Christchurch, NZ

NZ Moisture Meters supply meters to the Building Industry. Using our moisture meters, building surveyors and inspectors are then able to accurately and efficiently measure moisture levels in buildings and to diagnose the cause of moisture related problems.

Our Building Moisture Meter Range consists of:

The Protimeter Mini 2000
The Protimeter Mini is a compact, general purpose pin type moisture meter used for assessing moisture conditions in buildings.
The Protimeter Digital Mini
Protimeter Digital Pin Type Moisture Meter.
The Protimeter Aquant
The Protimeter Aquant is used to assess and monitor the relative moisture level of building materials including plaster, drywall, masonry, concrete and fiberglass (GRP).
The Protimeter Hygromaster 2
The Protimeter Hygromaster 2 is the latest in hand held hygrometry technology .
The Protimeter Surveymaster
The Dual Mode Moisture Meter – search and measure.
The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS2)
The Complete Protimeter Moisture Measurement System.