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The Protimeter Digital Mini


The Protimeter Digital Mini can help building professionals—such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects—assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities.

Excessive moisture in buildings can lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes. Professionals involved with the identification, management and remedy of moisture need tools that help them to:

◾ Identify the extent of the moisture penetration.
◾ Diagnose the cause of the problem
◾ Monitor change in the moisture level

◾ Rugged construction
◾ Large backlit display
◾ Pin moisture measurement
◾ Wide range of accessory plugins
◾ Industry leading 2-year warranty

◾ Easy-to-use
◾ Allows rapid assessment of building moisture
◾ Instant readings in a wide range of building materials

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