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The DICKEY-john GAC® Mini


The DICKEY-john GAC mini plus you can measure moisture and test weight and it’s: Fast, Easy, and Accurate.

Whether you’re harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content and test weight.

Its features include:
◾ Menu-driven operating system
◾ An internal scale (no pre-weighing)
◾ USB compatibility for calibration loading
◾ Used for over 450 grains and products
◾ Automatic temperature compensation
◾ And NO screw cap which can damage grains, create oily residue, and are cumbersome to use.

Package for the mini GAC plus includes:
◾ Mini GAC plus, loader, 9 volt battery, carrying case, belt clip, instruction manual, and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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