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The DICKEY-john GAC® 2500 UGMA

The DICKEY-john GAC® 2500-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analyzers. In addition to being GIPSA-Certified as UGMA-Compatible, the GAC 2500-UGMA offers accurate and reliable features.

◾ Field proven to work with all leading scale systems
◾ Utilizes the latest 149MHz technology to bring you NTEP certified results with faster analysis time.
◾ Equipped with NTEP calibrations for all grain types with custom calibrations available for specialty products such as walnuts and almonds, as well as non NTEP calibrations.
◾ Accurately tests frozen grain with running temperature of -4° F to + 113° F (depending on grain calibrations and moisture)
◾ Designed with a color touch screen, easy-to-use operating system and ergonomically designed sample drawer.

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