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The Protimeter Timbermaster

The Protimeter Timbermaster is a simple to use wood moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. It is ideal for a range of quality control applications associated with the production, trading and use of wood products.

Combined into package with variety of moisture probes, this moisture meter can be used for a gamut of moisture measurement applications in the timber industry. It is a complete wood moisture measurement system.

Product Description:
This compact instrument has eight calibration scales, enabling the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species. When necessary, it can be used with a temperature probe that automatically corrects the measured moisture level with respect to the temperature of the wood being tested.

Features and Benefits:
◾ All readings are displayed on a large LCD display
◾ May be used with optional hammer electrode for sub-surface measurements
◾ Built in wood calibration scales
◾ Automatic temperature correction (requires optional temperature probe BLD5059)
◾ Durable and rugged design.
◾ Handheld Moisture Tester

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